Hand in hand with SMEs

While consultancies have always supported suppliers in the traditional fields of purchasing, quality and production, they are now also accompanying them on their way to digitalisation.

Munich – “Digital transformation poses major challenges for many SMEs. In order to adapt business models to the future, suppliers rely on the expertise of specialist consultants.”

The consultancy Kemény Boehme & Company focuses on product quality including supply security. This ranges from the effective remedy of product errors during product recall campaigns to the elimination of causes in R&D all the way to processing and implementing the insights in order to optimise internal and external value-adding chains. From an SME perspective, Managing Director Stefan Kemény sees “uncertainty in the assessment as to whether they are affected by the disruption or whether they are missing out on an opportunity in this regard”. He warns against overreactions when it comes to digitalisation. In Kemény’s opinion, every supplier has to basically analyse whether his products and business processes can be digitalised in the first place. “An SME must carefully examine whether it has any production processes that can be automated or digitalised at all in order to achieve an economic effect.” If this is not the case, the company would not even need to think about further digitalisation.


You can read the complete article in the special edition of Automobilwoche, “Automotive Consulting 2017”

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