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Digital positioning, strategy and transformation

Should a Chief Digital Officer be appointed for digital transformation or should the focus be on digital subsidiaries, the establishment of IT labs or cooperation with relevant start-ups and companies? Across sectors and industries companies are becoming increasingly aware that digital change also requires organisational change.

Shorter product lifecycles, disruptive technologies and digital business models as well as rapidly changing customer requirements are changing the principles of value chains in companies. In this case the organisational form is not only a central instrument but also a prerequisite to ensure the effective exploitation of the opportunities offered by networking, automation and increased flexibility.

On the other hand, there are new challenges also to be mastered: Open questions concerning data management must be answered and employees must be qualified for the future. In addition to training employees, it is also essential to increase acceptance of new approaches and methods. From Digitisation to Industry 4.0 to Big Data – the different subject areas are linked and interpreted by managers and employees with many different contents. This results in a wide range of heterogeneous approaches and strategies.

And what do we mean by that?

We understand digitisation as the creation of value from data with the objective of optimising existing products and processes and generating new business models, whereby efficient data management, especially with regard to data standards and data transparency, is indispensable. Companies can only to meet the challenges of digital transformation if they meet the basic prerequisites.

How can we help you?

Within the scope of digitisation, we support technology companies in meeting the challenges in four core areas: Digital positioning, strategy and transformation, as well as data management and analysis.

Our digital positioning answers the question of where companies stand with regard to digitisation and what trends and opportunities there are in your industry. Together with our customers, we develop the status quo and derive a vision for the future. We start by defining a sustainable strategy to lay the foundation for the right framework conditions for digital change. In this case we must emphasise that the process of digitisation can be described as a maturity model. Digitisation cannot be implemented overnight. Instead, the road to success is paved by individual implementation phases.

Comprehensive implementation in the company requires a targeted change management of the organisation, all employees and processes. We accompany you during the digital transformation phase and deliver approaches for the future-oriented development of your business divisions.

Successful implementation is based on data transparency and structuring, standardised information processes as well as continuous analyses. We support you in data management and analysis and provide the necessary transparency for optimisation approaches along the entire value chain.

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Männliche Person, braune kurze Haare, dunkelblaue Augen mit Brille, lächelnd, trägt ein weißes Hemd und einen dunkelblauen Anzug, stehend mit beiden Händen in den Hosentaschen
Männliche Person, braune kurze Haare, dunkelblaue Augen mit Brille, lächelnd, trägt ein weißes Hemd und einen dunkelblauen Anzug, stehend mit beiden Händen in den Hosentaschen
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