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“Those who wish to avoid errors, will not be innovative. In the end, that can bring a company down”. Last Thursday, the first #failnight took place in our Munich office.
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The PHEV Paradox

Plug-in hybrids, a combination of two engine systems in one vehicle, are enjoying rising popularity both in demand – an annual doubling in the growth rate of registrations in Germany no less – and in manufacturers’ offerings.
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Accelerated Industrialisation

With less and less time available to get ready for full-scale production of new products or versions, Accelerated Industrialisation is high on the agenda for today’s manufacturers.
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Supply chain reliability

Being able to react effectively to imminent or actual disruption is an essential but effort-intensive lever to ensure supply chains can operate efficiently.
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Reducing the cost of quality

The quality of a product is demonstrated in numerous ways throughout its entire life cycle. Deficiencies often have a myriad of possible root causes deep inside development, manufacturing and organisational processes.
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After Sales organisations and their suppliers today are facing critical challenges: Guaranteeing spare parts availability, retaining customers beyond the first 3 to 4 years, reducing emissions for spare part manufacturing.
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