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What distinguishes an attractive employer?

How development opportunities lead to commitment

Employer attractiveness describes the appeal of a company to job applicants and employees. Measures for increasing the attractiveness of an employer include: career opportunities, remuneration, corporate culture, team spirit or work-life balance, and corporate factors such as sustainability, size, growth, internationality, and success. But what actually makes an employer attractive for its staff can vary widely.  

KBC in practice

But let us leave the theories behind and turn to actual practice – because as we all know, writing a lot is easy. The question is what is actually lived!

What interests us are the target groups students, graduates, and young professionals – what makes an employer attractive for these groups? There are numerous studies on this topic. It is interesting, however, that the findings can differ greatly. Salary, for instance, is mentioned as the deciding criteria in choosing an employer, and then another time, this exact point is merely a hygiene factor.  

At KBC we believe that there is no ONE thing that matters, that is pivotal in deciding if an employer is attractive or not, but rather what matters is a palette of different elements from which the employee can pick out exactly what is important to them and motivates them.

Most people are familiar with the employer platform Kununu – KBC has a score there of 4.77 across all reviews. Just a couple of months ago, in the category of Team Spirit among Colleagues, we were selected by Kununu itself, for 7th place out of all the companies listed with Kununu.

What makes KBC special?

At KBC every member of staff has the opportunity to contribute and implement ideas and suggestions. Thus, over the past few years numerous events and activities were initiated and organised by the employees themselves. This included, for example, campfire evenings, career and alumni days, yoga courses, running events, football and tennis tournaments, an employee satisfaction index, project/quality and software trainings, as well as lectures on blockchain, meditation, and donating blood/organs.

Team spirit & events

A unique team spirit and unparalleled events make time spent at KBC special. Besides exciting projects and interesting tasks, great importance is attached to getting along well together, because after all, we do spend a few hours a day together. Spread over the year, different events take place, sometimes for just the team and sometimes for partners and friends, too. It is important to KBC that partners, friends and family members can get a good impression. KBC has a special culture and a unique spirit. Here, you will find not just work colleagues, you will find friends

Flexible working hours and mobile work

“The early bird catches the worm” definitely does not apply to everybody. The ability to start at 6, 7, 8 or 9 o’clock, to organise your day yourself, go to the doctor one afternoon so that you can avoid long waits in the evening, or use a lunchbreak to catch up with friends – KBC offers substantial flexibility in relation to working hours, and trusts its employees to independently plan and manage time working on projects in the team.

Individual support

At KBC every employee is assigned their own mentor from the very start. This mentor takes on the role of offering the employee the best possible support along their career path. They are the mouthpiece to management and a sparring partner for day-to-day topics. Your course of development is discussed in regular appointments and together, you consider what is going well and where there is a need for further development. Targeted measures can then be derived from this. Feedback is important and that means not only from customers, but also reciprocal feedback within the project team. For this reason, KBC facilitates and demands feedback – twice a year every employee receives detailed feedback from their colleagues. In addition, regular feedback among each other forms part of daily life.

Other benefits

There is a multitude of other measures which KBC finds important. From healthy snacks, health initiatives and employee discounts, to the topic of sustainability. In this respect, a special project team was even created that is looking at both the internal (how can we actively become more sustainable and reduce CO2) and the external (how can we support our customers in becoming more sustainable) sides of the coin.

Do you have questions on the topic of benefits or would you like to learn more about our special spirit? Then please just get in touch with us.