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Your potential in good hands

We not only recognise the potential of companies, but also that of our employees. With us, you will surpass even yourself. Our individual promotion of potential deepens your knowledge of the sector and technology, contributing to both your ongoing personal development and expertise. Because you are best if you are fully able to exploit your individual capabilities.

An entrepreneurial spirit and a feeling for the correct dose of circumspection and assertiveness are a must for us. We are quite picky. You must be, too. Does a dynamic, challenging and innovative
professional environment attract you? Contact us!

We look forward to your application!

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Develop your potential in a dynamic and challenging work environment! 

As (Junior) Consultant (all genders) in Munich

As Senior Consultant (all genders) in Munich

As Manager / Director (all genders) in Munich

As Working Student / Trainee / Masterand (all genders) in Munich

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Your way into the KBC-Team

Our success is human-based, on people who are able to excellently apply their specialist skills to our customer projects together with their personal empathy. This is also based on open communication. We use the same procedure for our application process. We find it important to become acquainted with our applicants’ specialist knowledge and personal characteristics. Simultaneously, we provide comprehensive insights into our corporate culture, the vocational contents and the challenges.


During the course of an interview with various team members from Operational Consulting and Management, which last some 2 hours, we provide you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our structure, our business fields and corporate culture. Convince us of your personal and professional competence!


A second appointment serves to test your professional skills. Depending on your experience, you will present your own proposals on a pre-defined topic or work on a case study derived from our consulting projects. You will then present your results to a small team of KBC consultants.

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Career planning at KBC

Our employees’ knowledge and abilities are our capital – something we advocate. Continuous training and development are perceptible in our each and every development phase. We already lay the foundation for the abilities and skills of a consultant with the students. After successful conclusion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can then start your career with us. You experience the intense learning process via the challenging tasks we set as well as the early assumption of responsibility within our projects. Here, you are supported by individually coordinated training modules, while being accompanied by experienced managers and mentors. Close collaboration with management, project managers and mentors as well as the high degree of solidarity within the team provide you support and motivating incentives to fully develop your potential at all levels.

Career Steps

You will experience constant development of your expertise and personal skills. Go your own way with us!

Senior Partner

Executive leadership


Responsibility for corporate and business development


Project leadership, corporate and product development


Project management, business field development, leadership responsibility

Senior Consultant

Subproject management


Project collaboration, development of professional and personal consulting skills and abilities

Junior Consultant

Project collaboration, professional experience development, preparation for Master’s degree


Project and organizational support, practical skills development

As a KBC-Consultant a broad spectrum of project experience including specialisation and subject area depth will impact your career. Depending on your skills and interests you will acquire expert knowledge in our areas of expertise. This will allow you to become a valuable contact for customers and business development opportunities. A continuous and detailed feedback process will gauge your performance and give you the opportunity to measure yourself against expectations. At KBC “you will never walk alone”! Together we will overcome all project challenges and together we will celebrate all our successes.

Potential enhacement

“During the course of daily routine at KBC, each team member’s expertise and commitment are demanded to overcome problems incurred during the projects. Each team member assumes a project role and passes the ball from one to the other.” Victor Gradl Manager
“There’s no typical work routine in consulting – our activities are strongly influenced by our projects, the respective work contents and our customers. The daily routine is as varied as the projects.” Maximilian Leicht Senior Partner
Marc Perbix Partner KBC


“After my studies, it was clear to me I would be attracted to management consulting – I was looking forward to working with varied customers, being involved in challenging projects and experiencing a steep learning curve. The daily consulting routine is often hard and demanding. However, I knew the colleagues and managers would always support and advise me. Furthermore, the partners always had an active interest in personal development and trusted the employees. From day one I was able to contribute my own ideas and have an influence on business decisions. As a senior consultant I was in charge of managing a project. Looking back, KBC gave me exactly the career start I was looking for: fast personal development through varied projects. I am still in contact with the KBC-team today.” Tom Becker, Manager bei PwC bis 2018 bei KBC
“Being part of KBC means learning more each day, whilst never losing sight of enjoying the work. The flat hierarchy allows each employee to profit from the partners’ expertise and profound wealth of knowledge and to develop rapidly. A team excelling due to both outstanding professional competence and extremely loyal cooperation between colleagues makes KBC a unique consultancy.” Lutz Lindner, Leiter bei Strategie BAUER CORP Holding GmbH bis 2014 bei KBC
“The passion for technology and preference for tangible solution concepts is normally transferred to the customers during the acquisition phase. KBC achieves clear differentiation via its lived consultancy approach with close customer contact, outstripping large consultancies’ anonymous approach. Internally, KBC relies on entrepreneurship and speedy team development. This enabled me to gain the necessary tools of the trade to found Classic Trader.” Torsten Claus, Geschäftsführer der Classic Trader GmbH bis 2013 bei KBC
“I decided in favour of KBC because I was, and still am, convinced of its overall concept. The professional harmony and task splitting by its four foundation members coupled with the constant claim to provide unconditional excellence impressed me right from the beginning. KBC has given me new impetus for better-structured and more efficient recognition of solution approaches, for deriving improvement measures and for understanding parallels between individual projects, thus helping me to take a step forward. The casual and friendly togetherness is certainly characteristic for KBC.” Prof. Dr. Sven Roeren, Dekan der Fakultät für Maschinenbau an der Hochschule Landshut bis 2011 bei KBC
“A flat hierarchy, close-knit collaboration, open and friendly interaction, promotion of entrepreneurial abilities – KBC’s culture creates an environment where you are happy to be and which repeatedly helps you to gain new stimuli. In my experience, this is only true for a few companies. If I were to be looking for a management consultancy as the next step in my career, KBC would be my top choice!” Dr. Philipp Hutterer, Qualitätsverantwortlicher Fahrzeugprojekt OEM-Motorrad bis 2012 bei KBC
“Starting my career at KBC was my best decision. I very quickly learnt to assume the responsibility for my results. KBC works on equal footing with the really large consultancies – moreover, its employees are specifically developed, personal support is emphasised here. The projects help you to progress, both with regard to the customers’ names and their contents as a reference. Also, the company boasts a great, friendly atmosphere, marked by humour and mutual trust.” Thomas Goldschadt, Senior Consultant Ernst & Young GmbH bis 2011 bei KBC
“KBC – I would always do it again! Exciting topics, challenging projects, speedy assumption of responsibility and experienced project teams form the basis for fast personal development and excellent equipment for your own career prospects. If then, as at KBC, the corresponding environment and great colleagues are added in, it becomes more than mere work.” Henning Mertens, Unternehmensqualität OEM | Steuerung Qualitätsnetzwerk Idea to Offer bis 2015 bei KBC
“For me, KBC is a consultancy shaped by entrepreneurship, where each employee can develop personally via the challenges of project business as well as through the further development of the company itself. Regular mentoring and mature feedback processes support continuous development, resulting in a steep learning curve and fast assumption of responsibility. The corporate culture, coined by mutual trust, as well as the young and dynamic team make it easy to always go the proverbial extra mile with the consultancy projects and to have fun when working.” Maria Lemachko, Production planning and Quality management BMW AG until 2018 at KBC