Boomerang effect

Nightmarish recall campaigns. Intense cooperation between the various corporate divisions is called for.

Munich – “There is an increasing number of extensive recall campaigns. If the worst comes to the worst, companies must rely on transparent communication and complete documentation in their IT systems. This is the only way to ensure that their public reputation will not suffer and that there are no financial damages.”

Maximilian Klee, Partner at the consultancy Kemény Boehme & Company also emphasises the importance of cooperation between the various divisions in the event of a recall: “This requires the management of the various functional areas of development, purchasing, production and sales – the problem can only be solved together.” Ideally, coordination should be the responsibility of a central body, such as the quality or after-sales department. But Klee cannot provide a blueprint for the perfect recall either: “The IT landscape of manufacturers has grown and is therefore heterogeneous,” says the consultant with regard to recalls in the automotive industry. “The more successfully the systems are networked, the better the number of recalled vehicles can be limited.” It generally makes sense to retrace the process chain in the event of a recall, says Klee.

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Business Impact Februar 2017