KBC moves to expand offering for Food and Hospitality industries

Procurement has long been a staple of the KBC diet, especially in quality- and performance-sensitive industries such as automotive, engineering and medical technology. Building on our recent experience of increased demand for our services in the Food and Hospitality industries, we are now delighted to expand our procurement offering in this field.

In keeping with the KBC spirit of combining a top management perspective with hands-on capability and in-depth industry-specific insights we are delighted to announce Mr Remo Gianfrancesco has joined KBC to lead our business expansion in the Food and adjacent industries (“Food+”).

Remo Gianfrancesco literally grew up in the food business at his family’s restaurant, before his professional training at one of the world’s foremost hotel brands. He then embarked on a remarkable career over two decades with a number of key leadership roles in the Food+ industries in Germany and internationally, culminating in his most recent position as Managing Director for a procurement company for one of the world’s leading caterers

Remo’s unrivalled insights are a perfect addition to KBC’s existing capabilities, allowing us to offer the full menu of procurement consulting services in the Food+ industries, from cost reduction, supply security, quality assurance & enhancement and sustainability in the core food chain to supporting investment and innovation projects and shaping procurement strategies, operations and organisations. Reach out to Remo Gianfrancesco, Maximilian Klee or John Dowling for the full flavour.