we leave no room for errors

Identifying errors and their root causes is essential for those looking to reduce cost and improve quality.  Our focus is on designing, implementing and continuously improving both reactive and preventive quality management in products, processes and across the entire organisation.

Sustainable organisation optimisation

Each and every employee is responsible for quality. We therefore analyse the organisation of quality throughout the entire product development process, from development, procurement and production all the way to after sales.
We show you organisational alternatives and create your new organisational chart including its newly defined roles. In this case we think it important to achieve the highest possible quality not only reactively, but also preventively, i.e. already during product development and production, in order to sustainably increase the efficiency of your company and to reduce your total quality costs.
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Quantification of quality performance

We distinguish between internal (e.g. comparison of identical products produced at different locations) and external benchmarks (comparison of two similar products from different companies).
To make quality characteristics measurable, we orient ourselves towards the best in the data analysis we have developed and from previously defined product and process characteristics (incl. KPIs). With the aim of achieving the highest possible product and process quality, we recommend actions which we then implement together with you.
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Total Cost of Quality Reduction

Thanks to our expertise gained from numerous quality projects, we have developed a system with which we can record the sum of all quality-related costs throughout the entire product life cycle in order to identify the right levers.
We apply our system to create transparency regarding the sum of all your quality-related costs. In this regard, our objective is not only to reduce your non-conformity costs (error costs incurred by the customer, e.g. warranty costs), but also to sustainably reduce your conformity costs (all costs for preventive quality measures, e.g. design changes in the advanced stage of development projects).
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Detection and long-term avoidance of product recalls

We use publicly accessible information on recalls in the automotive industry for the early identification of components that could potentially be affected by a recall in the future.
We then evaluate the collected data and define measures from development to procurement to production in order to avoid and eradicate recall causes in the long term.
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Quality performance assessment (Q-Scan)

To assess the quality situation in your company and improve it in a further step, we conduct interviews using detailed questionnaires.
We then evaluate the performance of your quality management against benchmarks from mobility industries and derive a set of measures. This will quickly show you where you stand in comparison to your competitors and which optimisation could be sensibly implemented.
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Detection of process inefficiencies

Every product problem is based on a process problem. With the help of our own developed methods and a root cause analysis, we can identify any process weaknesses that may lead to product defects along the entire value chain.
By uncovering and sustainably eliminating the “real” procedural problems, repetitive errors can be avoided, and reliable and robust products can be developed in the future. In the event of product defects affecting ongoing development projects, we resort to quick-win measures to achieve short-term improvements.
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