Maximilian Klee

Felix Feuerbach

Stefan Kemény

Georg Huber

Larissa Fahrmeier

Benedikt Lohse

Victor Gorgas

Martin Betz

Victor Gradl

Jens Jansky

Bärbel Schmid

Maximilian Leicht

Philipp Berger

Marc Perbix

Juliana Schmidt

Max Weidmann

Philip Weiss

Tim Riedl

Tamara Schmalz

Manuel Kramar

Nils Lauer-Neff

Markus Kortner

Vanessa Ilge

Jakob le Claire

Benedikt Budde

Tobias Budde

Natalie Heizmann

Daniel Zeranski

Benedikt Zöller

Timo Kosmeier

Constanze Schöffmann

Fabian Molle

Florian Fuchs

Tobias Seggewiß

Nicola Heider

Markus Stingl

Ralf Köhler

Simon Schwengle

Daniel Fauck

Sarah Walter

Jonathan Isele

Matthias Tauber

Yannic Orschiedt

Nadia Massari

Till Krafft

Patrick Dohle

John Dowling

Judith Radusch


A spirit that inspires

We belong to the top employer of bavaria!

We have won awards as one of the top employers in our region. We are all driven by our motivation to create solutions as a team and to continue our professional and personal development. We truly follow the motto: all for one and one for all. We work as friends, with a high degree of mutual respect and recognition, supported by an open and constructive feedback culture. Interested? Why don’t you join us and become part of the KBC story.

Shareholder & Management

KBC is managed by four senior partner owners. All have more than 20 years consulting experience in the technology and mobility sectors. A team of partners and directors with industry and renowned management consultancy experience provide support. All are specialised in KBC´s consulting expertise in quality; research & development; procurement & production; after sales; and project management & digitalization.