We adress problems at their source

Only those who understand product development processes in detail can improve them. We use our expertise and experience to get right to the heart of the issue. Our deep technical insights and robust methods enable us to support you from ideation through to realisation.

Development of competitive product characteristics profiles

We create an objective evaluation of the characteristics of your current product portfolio and its competitive situation on the basis of internal technical discussions with your employees and customer surveys.
We look at whether and to what extent your products differ from similar ones, how they are positioned and analyse whether they meet current and future customer requirements on the basis of trend studies. In a further step, we will suggest improvements if necessary, so that your products will differentiate more clearly in the future and you will sharpen your product property profile, which in turn will lead to more sales and better market and brand positioning.
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Modular R&D systems and product architectures

We shorten the development project cycles and thereby reduce development and, above all, subsequent costs in production by means of identical part production using kits (e.g. identical window levers for different vehicle models) and upstream development of product architectures.
An additional advantage is that the kits and architectures customised for you help us to achieve higher product quality.
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R&D weakness assessments

Based on data and event analyses, we can identify weaknesses in your product development processes and make concrete suggestions for future improvements.
Among other things, we analyse whether the development costs you had planned in the past were realistic, whether your products meet the quality standards and whether an excessive number of changes had to be made to your products in the past due to defects before market launch.
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Development of R&D cost forecasts

To provide a reliable cost forecast for the development of your products at an early stage, we have designed scaling models and calculation algorithms with which we can calculate and reduce the total cost of development from the initial idea to the production-ready product.
Here, the aim is to avoid bad investments, to create early control and transparency over development costs and therefore to reduce cost variances so that the target margin set at the start of the project is achieved.
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