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Project Example

Interim management to stabilize production in a medium-sized foundry

In a challenging phase of the company’s history, characterized by insolvency and a change of ownership, the focus was on stabilizing and optimizing the production processes in a medium-sized foundry. The task required effective interim management in order to stabilize production in the short term and secure it in the long term.


The foundry, a supplier to the automotive sector, was faced with considerable organizational, process-related and technological challenges. Outdated machinery, inadequate data collection and a lack of optimization processes made business operations considerably more difficult.

Specific Task

The aim was to stabilize production in the short term and at the same time create the basis for long-term optimization. This included ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and labor law requirements as well as creating transparency regarding key production figures and loss types.

KBC Solution Approach

Safety, order and cleanliness measures were implemented to safeguard production. A detailed analysis of the plant data and key production figures was carried out in order to identify loss types and systematically derive optimization measures.

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Achieved Effect

Production was successfully adapted to the applicable requirements. Complete transparency was created regarding the types of losses and inefficiencies in the production processes.

Based on these findings, over 450 optimization activities were prioritized and initiated in order to sustainably improve and stabilize production.