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Project Example

Efficient handling of recall actions

Efficient recall operations are crucial for corporate success and customer satisfaction. For this, transparency over data is a crucial key to establishing the ability to act.


Our customer, a medium-sized company and market leader in the e-mobility sector, was faced with the challenge of handling an extensive and global recall campaign efficiently and under time pressure.

Specific assignment

First, the relevant data had to be identified, made accessible and combined into a meaningful model. Then it was a matter of providing customer service with a tool containing all the relevant information to process the open cases efficiently.

KBC approach

The challenges were processing heterogeneous data sources and the text analysis required to evaluate unstructured data. Using Excel and VBA, as well as BI tools such as Tableau, a tool was developed that effectively linked the various data sources and helped customer service quickly process open cases, including progress monitoring.

A key success factor was the ability to analyze unstructured data. This enabled the analysis of existing communications on open cases, providing a holistic view for decision making.

Philipp Berger

Achieved Effect

Thanks to the tool provided, existing information could be mapped to open cases. Within a short period of time, more than 50% of open cases were closed.