Integration of a data analytics platform

Data Analytics Plattform

A data analytics platform frequently provides the basis for commercial decisions with regard to product development, cost optimisation and increasing customer usage.


“Informed decisions” is a catchphrase that continues to gain in importance. This term refers to decisions which are made on the basis of facts.

Existing organisation structures, however, constitute a challenge to gaining the right analyses and a structured data base in a fast and uncomplicated manner. Especially in the case of questions with different data bases (such as market, product or customer data) it is not always immediately apparent who the correct contact is, and the quality of data is usually very mixed.

In order to use the data already existing in the company efficiently, to connect those requesting analyses and the analysts in the shortest way possible, and to be able to record new data in a targeted way in future, a centralised, company-wide data analytics platform was to be developed.

Specific assignment

Establish and embed a data analytics platform, to make existing analyses and new analysis queries accessible across the company.

KBC approach

The requirements for the establishment and embedding of a data analytics platform were the development of necessary procedural structures as well as a corresponding collaboration model, and securing the commitment of the departments in order to scale the platform.

For a targeted growth of data analytics we created a network among the executive competence centres and coordinated the activities. Furthermore, we supported our customer…

… in managing executive competence centres’ projects by:

  • managing various channels for the overall integration of the three threads of analysis – vehicle, market, and customer data – within this platform
  • developing an integrated KPI system for tracking and expanding the platform
  • formulating a communications concept to establish the platform across the company

… in the preparation, execution and follow-up of a series of workshops to define a process with a focus on ease of use for customers.

This included the

  • execution of various workshops with relevant analysis centres to resolve conflicts in stakeholders’ targets and adjust the collaboration model
  • development of a scalable and detailed process for the roll-out of the platform to the departments, including defining the necessary roles
  • identification and preparation of pilots, including using these to figure out best practices

Realisation of potential

  • A scalable collaboration model has been developed and is being implemented.
  • A data analytics platform has been established as a company-wide central point of contact for vehicle, market and customer data.
  • More than 43 competence centres deliver content to the central platform.
  • More than 1,500 users are already active on the platform.
  • Proof of concept: By incorporating the analysis results into the decisions made, manufacturing and warranty costs were able to be reduced in the product development.