Increase in quality & supply performance

KBC combines profound knowledge of top action requirements faced by suppliers and OEMs – be it in contracting, industrialisation or in serial production.


Intense cost targets for OEMs and ever shorter development cycles increase the pressure on suppliers. In order to meet these increasing requirements, suppliers must react accordingly and make their processes even more efficient while also increasing the quality of their products. Volatile demands and belated requirement changes always require short reaction times from the suppliers. KBC supports companies in operating successfully during all project phases (development, pilot series and serial production), thereby ensuring supply at all times.

The specific task

    • Differentiation from the competition before contracting
    • Amending any lacking know-how with regard to proposal costing and OEM requirements.
    • Managing the extremely tight time frame for the presentation of the extensive proposal Short-term relocation of the production site and construction of a new plant required before SoP.
    • Stabilising process and product development at SoP (Start of Production)
    • Increasing performance during serial production

KBC Solution approach

We work closely together with the client in the production environment, true to the old adage: for management, together with employees. Each project phase requires an individual approach. For the contracting stage, we apply the KBC Supplier Tool Set to calculate production stages and non-production services in order to establish reliable, competitive resource planning. The timely establishment of Sub-Supplier Management (which focusses on plant manufacturers) forms a basis for successful nomination. For the timely operation of pilot series scopes in industrialisation, we apply individual, customer-oriented production analysis tools, as well as our entire dedication to the shop-floor. Because management tasks can only be effectively assumed and the big picture achieved with intense and detailed production experience. In order to prevent jeopardising the supply for serial production, we fully focus on efficiency. This is based on the use of tried and tested key figure systems and method sets to create transparency and to deduce sustainable measures.

Realisation of potential

In the conflicting field between procurement and supplier during the early phase, we provide transparency for our clients regarding the capacity and financial requirements during the proposal period, we determine and plausibilise all the process costs and create successful, competitive proposals – therefore increasing the “hit rate”. In series development, we score with our effectiveness. We successfully implement moves, plant and production layouts and facilitate smooth serial sequences as well as continuous parts supply for pilot series. The significantly reduced quality problems (rejects reduced by 20%) is a success we are proud to report.