Maximilian Klee

Maximilian Klee – The converter

Maximilian Klee is a founding member and partner of KBC.

After completing his general university entrance qualification and studies in business administration at the University of Passau, he started his career at BMW’s own management consultancy Nexolab GmbH in Munich.

Maximilian Klee gained his expertise from more than 10 years of accompanying large-scale projects at OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry (axle systems, wheel rims and castings, among others), with particular emphasis on quality increase, controlling and programme strategy. In addition to his profession, he regularly conducts studies on a range of topics around “Quality, Reliability and Warranty Cost Optimisation”.

However, Maximilian Klee only sees experience and well-founded business-economical knowledge as building blocks on the way to his clients’ maximum potential realisation. He places equal emphasis on enthusiasm for complex issues, which results in a natural hands-on mentality within the team, as well as in the delight of implementing solutions and exceeding expectations.