Georg Huber

Georg Huber – The Technician

Georg Huber joined KBC as manager in 2008 and is partner and shareholder since 2013.

His passion for technology led Georg Huber from model building and tinkering with his scooter during his youth all the way to studying mechanical engineering at the TU in Munich and then on to the English power loom industry, where he gained initial experience as project coordinator in a management position.

Upon his return to Germany, he joined the family-owned development company for mechatronic systems as project manager and management assistant, not only gaining expertise in the high-speed systems, but also being involved in the development of interdisciplinary strategies and decision-making processes.

Enthusiasm for all things automotive led Georg Huber to apply for a position with the development management consultancy [bu:st]-Automotive in 2005, where he was the Senior Consultant responsible for numerous projects in complete vehicle development and the Product Manager responsible for service development and marketing of reporting concepts within the development process

He ascribes the fact that his projects always realise untapped potentials and repeatedly and significantly surpass the specified targets to his multidisciplinary competence, which permits him to discuss issues with both technicians and business economists on an equal footing – something he regards as the very foundation of partnership cooperation.