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Project Example

Successful products despite reductions in development costs

We will help you reduce your development costs to give you some breathing space without a loss in product substance.


Limited budgets and simultaneously rising development costs make life difficult for developers. The postponement of originally set plans due to milestone delays and/or late changes in development due to errors are the major drivers of development costs. Furthermore, the complexity of development projects is steadily increasing due to equally increasing product complexity, which also has an enormous influence on development costs.

The specific task

  • To identify the major costs drivers in development
  • To determine best practice approaches, both internally and externally
  • To conduct a deviation analysis of the present development costs using the KBC benchmark
  • To specifically identify optimisation measures to close any gaps
  • To initialise an optimisation initiative (creating a business case, schedule, action agreements, etc.)

KBC approach

We know the major core processes and cost drivers of development organisations from our long-term, cross-sector project work for various companies.

We …

  • got to know numerous development companies during a variety of projects and developed optimisation approaches together with our clients,
  • continuously identify and develop best practice approaches, do not only develop measures but also anchor them within the scope of optimisation initiatives,
  • develop suitable pragmatic solutions together with you as our client,

so you can quickly influence and sustainably reduce your current development costs. The result will give you some breathing space and additional leeway for other development projects and new ideas.

Jakob le Claire

Achieved Effect

The successful reduction in development costs of more than 30% for an automotive manufacturer following an optimisation initiative which we initiated proves not only that our methods and approaches are the right ones, but also that they are effective.