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Project Example

Initialization and operationalization of a joint program between business and IT to ensure scalable digital success in the company

Digital success is a buzzword that is often used. It is all the more difficult to implement, as a functioning digital infrastructure forms the basis for efficient work processes. Connecting all areas and units, even across plants, is essential but often difficult to achieve. This requires standardized IT infrastructures and solutions that, in conjunction with a long-term view of goals and guard rails, form the basis for sustainable and scalable success.


Our customer, a global industrial company, wants to ensure scalable digital success throughout the entire company. To this end, a cross-divisional program was set up in cooperation between business and IT. Representatives from IT and various areas of the company such as production, engineering and research & development are involved in the core team on an equal footing. Together, the aim is to implement standardized IT infrastructures and solutions, taking close account of the needs and requirements of the specialist departments.

Specific Task

The aim of the project is to lay the foundations for scalable digital success within the company. This requires the definition of long-term goals and guidelines for all business areas and how this can be effectively supported by a clear digitalization strategy.

This should put an end to the previously uncontrolled reporting of requirements from different business areas to IT. The development of a clear evaluation logic for prioritizing and implementing these requirements plays a decisive role here.

KBC Solution Approach

Workshops were first held with the departments involved in order to set out and then define the visions and ambitions of the program. From this, clear steps and measures were derived to realize these visions.
Another crucial step was the development of a concept for a global, value-oriented portfolio management process. This process enables the joint (budgetary) evaluation, prioritization and implementation of requirements. It also allows optimization and standardization measures to be continuously identified in order to constantly improve the process.

In addition, clear definitions for AKVs (tasks, competencies, responsibilities) were developed in order to regulate the filling of new positions in the program and thus solve the resource bottleneck.

Weibliche Person, blonde lange Haare, blaue Augen, lächelnd, trägt eine weiße Bluse und schwarze Hose, stehend mit beiden Händen an der Hüfte abstützend
Weibliche Person, blonde lange Haare, blaue Augen, lächelnd, trägt eine weiße Bluse und schwarze Hose, stehend mit beiden Händen an der Hüfte abstützend
Nadia Massari

Achieved Effect

The visions and ambitions for areas such as production, engineering and research & development serve as firm guidelines, supported by roadmaps with derived activities for the coming years.

These roadmaps set out specific project phases (study, PoC, rollout) for over 30 projects over the next two years. This structure facilitates the targeted implementation of the digitalization strategy.

Developed in close collaboration with numerous stakeholders from all business areas, the foundation for scalable, digital success has now been laid.