Results improvement and increased customer satisfaction

How we were able to significantly increase both the throughput times of customer orders and the EBIT of a service provider in the renewables sector.


The expansion of wind energy plants is globally on the increase, is economically feasible according to accepted belief and enlivens economic growth. Significant growth in the number of wind energy plants specifically calls for wind energy plant certification and inspection service providers in order to provide operators with the appropriate standards. Increasing competitive and cost pressure, as well as the continuous growth of the sector constitute particular challenges for these service providers, such as a lack of transparency with regard to turnover, margin and cost drivers.

The specific task

  • To create transparency with regard to turnover, margin and cost drivers
  • To identify and analyse optimisation levers
  • To develop a continuous results improvement system and programme
  • To increase customer satisfaction

KBC Solution approach

Together with our client, and within the scope of initialisation during the first step, we were able to establish and coordinate concrete project objectives with Management and the core team. The success of optimisation programmes is always based on the strategic alignment and support within the company. Here we were able to support our client with our long-term experience in the initialisation and implementation of optimisation programmes. Apart from the systematic analysis of turnover, margin and cost drivers, we also analysed the customer’s order and project processing sequences and developed optimisation hypotheses. Applying a hypothesis validation method, we where therefore able to identify and subsequently substantiate improvement measures. Monetary potential assessments in the form of business cases were able to specifically support the decisions for the implementation of the measures.

Realisation of potential

We uncover monetary potentials by identifying valuable ideas together with our clients. By applying an order processing analysis, for example, we were able to systematically identify the turnover, margin and cost drivers, and create transparency regarding loss of earnings. By reengineering order processing aspects with a fully substantiated results improvement, we were able to reduce the throughput times of customer orders by more than 30%. The resulting success speaks for itself: One year following the initiation of the “Continuous Results Improvement” programme, our client was able to realise an increase in EBIT by > 25%.