Reliability Engineering

When product problems are turned into process improvements Accurate, fast and effective: We discover and optimise weaknesses in processes on the basis of our systematic product assessment and best-practice experience.


Complex products need complex processes? Not quite. The fact is that the process and methodological landscape at companies is designed and improved for years and has partly reached a high degree of detailing already. But despite or precisely because of this fact, quality situations are still not satisfactory. This is where Reliability Engineering comes into play: No more complete and mostly unwanted redesigning of processes. Instead, the areas with the greatest requirement for action are identified and improved in order to achieve the highest possible result with the least effort.

The specific task

  • To identify inferior quality-inducing process weaknesses.
  • To describe a target image for quality work within product development.
  • To recommend specific and quickly implementable measures
  • To implement in corporate-specifically adjusted and efficient manner
  • To improve the quality situation by > 25 %

KBC Solution approach

Stemming from specific product problems, the KBC method can be used to quickly and accurately identify the appropriate process weaknesses As the identified problems have rarely not occurred in comparable sectors before, the KBC method comprises a number of specific improvement ideas for almost every weakness. These will be discussed together with your experts and we will establish the current maturity and the required, sensible maturity level of your processes. This creates a specific target image for your company and equally specific measures to achieve it.

Realisation of potential

With KBC at your side, you can turn your target image into your actual image within a short period of time. With pragmatic, partly trivial improvements, we will manage to measurably improve your processes without reorganising the entire process landscape. You’ll be surprised how easily some weaknesses can be solved and with how little effort we can realise quality increases of 25 % and more.