Preventing errors, reducing quality costs

We optimised the production of a leading automotive OEM towards an ambitious goal: “Zero errors”.


Manufacturers/OEMs still predominantly tackle errors with more reactive than preventive measures – although prevention and inspection would reduce subsequent troubleshooting costs. Process control is good but process stability is still not enough. Key figures are available, but early detection and prevention of risks are not guaranteed. The interpretation of the key figures, including the derivation of consequences, are still way behind of what is possible. However, the troubleshooting speed itself also plays an ever larger role. This calls for a new train of thought. Focus on prevention instead of reaction. Act before errors reach the customer.

The specific task

  • To increase the efficacy of the zero error progamme within the organisation
  • To solve conflicts in the prioritisation of programme versus line function
  • To increase the maturity level of pilot measures for roll-outs
  • To establish a clear, regular reporting structure
  • To simplify and standardise the funding application process
  • To fuel brainstorming for error prevention

KBC Solution approach

KBC contributes precision and pragmatism in the location of errors in causative processes. We are able to cover and account for the relevant optimisation levers with fewer key figures. Our tried and tested business case evaluation method facilitated the correct prioritisation of measures and therefore the positive perception of our customers amongst interface partners and the Board.

Realisation of potential

KBC will help you to establish, monitor and continuously improve robust processes. With our support, you can go from project assignment to implementation twice as fast as on your own., because we can revert to our long years of experience in the automotive industry, as well as to proven tools and methods. Together, we will ensure that the same error never occurs twice and that the number of occurring errors is reduced.