Modern problem management for processes

If product problems are to be avoided in the long term, not only reactively but also preventively, the weak points in the value-adding and non-value-adding processes must be systematically optimised. With our many years of experience in the field of process optimisation, we design the associated processes, methods and tools together with our customers and implement the results to line function until transfer.


For many companies, reactive problem management has been the panacea for reducing warranty and guarantee costs (field problems and recalls) for years. However, product problems are not solved sustainably, especially across product generations, since the value-adding and non-value-adding processes always cause the same errors (e.g. repeat errors). However, the causes for the product problems lie in the lack of process optimisation, which could prevent errors. The optimisation of inadequate procedures and the development of methods for cause and process analysis are therefore the core challenges to move from reaction to prevention.

The specific task

  • Design and implementation of a company-wide process and a method for root cause analysis (generics) of process problems when product problems occur.
  • Development of control and analysis processes including a tool landscape (Excel).
  • Design and implementation of the corresponding toolset for the designed process and method based on Microsoft Excel (VBA).
  • Implementation of specific reporting and evaluation instruments to control the process interface partners involved and the identification of overarching needs for action (samples).

KBC Solution approach

Based on concrete technical product problems (e.g. field problems or recalls), the root cause analysis method can be used to quickly identify the corresponding weak process points, in a structured and methodically guided manner with the help of cause generation. Specific process improvement measures are derived from the identified weak points, and the product problems are eliminated in the long term.

Realisation of potential

With the support of KBC, you can rely on many years of experience in process optimisation in order to successfully establish a tailor-made “modern problem management for processes” in your company.