Data Analytics in Multi-Project Management

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the analysis and evaluation of internal and external data. This allows  companies to identify and realise potentials.  

Data, data, data – especially as digitalisation progresses, the importance of data collection and evaluation has become indispensable for many companies. Process improvements, digital business models or product optimisations: by analysing and evaluating internal and external data with the help of data analytics, potentials can be identified and realised in the company. Data analytics is also essential for project management: especially for large-scale projects, long-term project success can only be guaranteed if all activities and processes are full transparent.


In order to be able to use data collection and evaluation efficiently, the following basic requirements must be met:

  • User-oriented systems and concepts to reduce the effort required to collect and maintain data.
  • Uniform definition of data types and formats for cross-divisional and cross-process data standardisation.
  • Central and cross-divisional systems with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure data availability.

Specific Assignment

Conception and implementation of a data analytics tool and support for the multi-project management in the introduction and further development of a large number of software applications at our customer in the automotive sector.

KBC Solution Approach

We always take a holistic approach to consulting – from strategy to implementation:

  •  concepts in close cooperation with the customer.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the information, preparation of content and the indication of the need for action.
  • Preparation of the content and creation of committee documents and management reports.

Realisation of Potential

Together with our customers, we developed a tailor-made and comprehensive concept for the evaluation of data. In doing so, we always kept possible potential optimisations, long-term benefits for the company and data security in mind. Hence, the full data transparency was achieved in a very short time.