Concept quality Successful products through proven standards

Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through the targeted use of proven and cross-sector product concept standards.


The development of products is becoming increasingly complex due to the large variety of customer-individual configuration options. Simply ordering a car these days means having to chose from millions of different equipment options. This is precisely where every manufacturer attempts to distinguish himself from the competition. However, there are some product properties prone to the customer’s core expectations (e.g. the cup holder). Apparently, a manufacturer is hardly able to differentiate himself by this product feature alone. However, the implementation of such a barely considered component also ranges from simple standards to clever solutions. In order to increase customer satisfaction sustainably and to trigger the so-called WOW effect, it makes sense to revert to and further optimise the cleverest cross-sector solutions.

The specific task

  • To identify product characteristics with a strong customer focus
  • To conduct benchmark analyses on the identified issues
  • To provide support in the development of standards across product lines
  • To establish processes for the successful anchorage of the standards (development, introduction, review, compliance, escalation, etc.)

KBC Solution approach

Due to our cross-sector knowledge ranging from OEM to n-tier from the automotive, utility vehicle and track vehicle sector all the way to mechanical engineering, we have insights into clever and successful product concept standards. Paired with our understanding of the product development process (adherence to cost targets, tight schedules, etc.), we facilitate the sustainable development and anchorage of clever concept standards in your development without losing sight of your daily business.

We …

  • have far-reaching insights into the product developments of various sectors and have established an excellent network.
  • know the challenges posed by R&D and their correlations.
  • convince customers regarding our product understanding and technological affinity and always keep our focus on quality.
  • always follow a pragmatic approach to achieve short-term success through clever solutions in cooperation with you.

Realisation of potential

The successful anchorage of more than 50 concept standards during a concept quality optimisation initiative at a renowned automotive manufacturer confirms our methodology and course of action.