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Technical Actions in the USA – an Update

Despite declining Technical Actions across all manufacturers, the German OEMs register a substantial increase in 2017.

Based on data from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the management consultancy KBC has analysed the technical causes of product recalls over the past 20 years. Despite a decrease in Technical Actions in 2017 and a considerable decrease of the affected vehicles (reason: no mega event such as the airbag in 2016), the German OEMs have, in part, worsened considerably. For example, Mercedes recorded an increase of 65% in the number of Technical Actions and BMW an increase of 69% in the number of the affected vehicles.

It is interesting to note that, for the German manufacturers, comparatively few vehicles were affected per recall. On average, around 150,000 vehicles are affected per recall, with only 30,200 at Mercedes and 60,300 at BMW.

Technical Actions are divided into a total of 18 modules. The airbag module continues to be the frontrunner among the affected vehicles. In 2017, there were also significant increases in the engine/engine cooling, fuel supply and drivetrain modules close to the drives.

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