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Increasing sustainability requirements are bringing many companies to the edge of their financial and capacity limits. We see this as more than just a hurdle, but an opportunity for your company. We ensure your long-term business success – from the strategy, to the implementation of your ideas, to measurable results.

Customized strategy

The common goal of a sustainability strategy is to define a framework to integrate and anchor environmental, social and economic responsibility within the company. We support you precisely in developing this strategy from scratch or adapting an existing strategy to changing needs.

To do this, we define a clear and achievable set of goals in close consultation with you and simultaneously ensure operational implementation. To do this, we draw on many years of hands-on experience and proven approaches to efficiently close gaps in the achievement of your sustainability goals.

In addition, we provide you with tools to derive a successful business model with limited financial and capacity resources. Be it for an existing business model or the conceptual design of a completely new one.

Targeted innovation

Continuous improvement processes are an important part to incrementally optimize existing production methods, processes and products. In many cases, however, this is not enough, and completely new ways of thinking must be developed to achieve the most sustainable solution.

Innovation therefore plays an indispensable role in addressing climate and environmental crises and laying the foundation for sustainable business. With the help of our innovation specialists at BOLD KBC, we use processes based on empirical patterns and the latest methodologies to break down and challenge the status quo. Fixations are dissolved and hidden, already existing potentials are released.

We focus on identifying your existing resources and deploying them in a targeted manner to generate the greatest added value for you with the least amount of effort.

Measurable results

Our many years of experience have shown us that strategies, the achievement of goals or the realization of innovative ideas often fail. This is usually not due to a lack of motivation or approval, but to a lack of consistency in implementation and project management.

We support you in breaking down your complex requirements and goals into feasible work packages and milestones. We then accompany and support you situationally and continuously throughout all project phases.

In doing so, we ensure that your goals are not diluted over time or lost in the day-to-day business or. neglected. With this approach, we take joint responsibility to back up the goals and requirements with results. These measurable ecological and economic effects help your company gain a strategic competitive advantage – the cornerstone for your long-term business success.

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Absolute identification with the specifics, concerns and problems of our customers distinguishes us as an excellent consultancy. We accept their challenges as if they were our own. Our examples for sustainability projects speak for this.