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Task Force Management

Top management has to leave the ivory tower!

Corona crisis caught the economy and global supply chains unawares – companies had to react fast to keep their businesses running.

In case of emergency the key element is time: the ongoing corona crisis made clear that standard tools and existing action plans had to be adapted to actual needs. A commonly chosen tool for problem solving is taskforce management. If deployed correctly it is a very powerful tool, but there might be an emerging risk to hinder employees solving problems because of excessive reporting.

A key factor of success is the involvement and active cooperation of top management on addressing daily problems and tasks. Initially, an efficient taskforce must be set-up cross-functionally and roles and responsibilities must be defined clearly. Therefore, reporting can be whittled down to the essentials whilst keeping the management informed to steer through the crisis. Additionally, a flexible work force organisation must be ensured as a basic requirement: “home office” and “social distancing” will shape everyday life and work. Employees must be enabled to work from anywhere and meetings must be able to be held virtually without constraints.

Key success factors for taskforce management can be found in our cheat-sheet. Please feel free to contact us for individual questions.

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