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Project Example

Sustainability as the driver for long-term corporate success

“For many companies, sustainability is a compulsory expense and a cost factor; we see it as an opportunity for your long-term business success. We use proven approaches and radical innovation to identify Capex & Opex savings opportunities. These savings can be reinvested in sustainable initiatives, driving business success as well as sustainability.”


Our client, a global industrial company, was looking for ways to effectively fund their sustainability initiatives in the absence of financial resources and achieve their environmental goals while increasing profitability. The focus was on identifying potential cost savings and leveraging them for strategic reinvestment in sustainability projects, supported by proven approaches and disruptive innovation methods.

Specific Task

The goal of the project was to exceed existing optimisation and efficiency improvements and to identify significant Capex & Opex savings potentials with disruptive innovation methods. The targeted allocation of capital to sustainability initiatives was accompanied by customised project management to ensure stringent target achievement.

KBC Solution Approach

A comprehensive analysis of the production sites was carried out to identify initial savings potential. Several innovation workshops were held to generate creative ideas and promote knowledge transfer within the company. The implementation of ideas and exchange of best practices took place globally, supported by continuous and substantive project management.

Tobias Seggewiß

Achieved Effect

Significant Capex & Opex savings potentials were identified in globally applied production processes, implemented in selected locations and best practice approaches were established. In addition to cost savings, the focus was on reducing emissions and resource consumption in order to achieve the client’s environmental goals. By reinvesting these savings, further sustainability initiatives were financed and successfully implemented.