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Project Example

Optimisation of the problem management process


Satisfying the customer and distinguishing oneself from the competition. This is an objective which companies from various sectors pursue in equal measure. However, increasing product complexity poses new challenges for more and more companies: How can we push a product’s quality to the maximum? How can we alleviate deviations between target and actual figures (problems) as efficiently and sustainably as possible? The problem management process starts right here and focusses on identifying and rectifying errors or problems.

The specific task

  • To identify process weaknesses leading to inefficiencies such as long throughput times during problem solution and a high level of repeat errors
  • To analyse the responsibility model, as well as the applied tools and methods
  • To initiate and evaluate process optimisation measures with experienced users and experts
  • To increase problem processing efficiency and therefore to reduce the problem throughput time by 1/3

KBC approach

The decisive factor in the optimisation of processes is knowing and understanding them completely. To gain a 360° view, we not only analyse the data but also speak to the users and experts in your company. After this first stage we will deduce suitable measures together in order to eliminate and to enforce the implementation of weaknesses. However, our work does not end by merely improving the process, because a process is only as good as the people who work with it. We therefore also ensure that your employees are informed of and appropriately trained in the process changes.

Benedikt Budde

Achieved Effect

The focus is on the client. With our expertise, we will be able to help you improve your problem management processes to the extent that efficient and sustainable troubleshooting is not only possible in theory but also in practice. Reference projects will show that our measures are not only convincing on paper, but that they also have a considerable impact on troubleshooting throughput time.