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Project Example

Development and adoption of a Global Sustainability Strategy

“In an era of growing environmental and social awareness, developing a robust sustainability strategy is critical to a company’s long-term business success and reputation. The challenge is to elaborate and clearly communicate the added value of the strategy in a way that gains the support and investment of shareholders and stakeholder groups.”


Our client was faced with the task of developing a global sustainability strategy that would both meet the current demands of the market, provide a unique selling proposition over the competition, and secure support and significant investment from shareholders.

Specific Task

The goal was to develop a chain of argumentation for the adoption of the elaborated strategy, including significant investments and job creation. This involved ensuring coordination for the content and visual creation of C-level decision documents in a volatile project environment and taking into account a variety of stakeholders from different country subsidiaries, cultural backgrounds and languages.

KBC Solution Approach

The project was structured in an agile environment, with individual solution approaches and short communication channels. The derivation of intermediate goals and lead times ensured that the project was completed on time and on target. Economic and strategic arguments for the implementation of the sustainability strategy were identified and the chain of argumentation was sharpened through content-related and technical contributions from an environmental and social perspective.

Tobias Seggewiß

Achieved Effect

The project created a company-wide consensus on the future strategic direction and on ensuring the long-term success of the company. It laid the foundation for the positive decision on the sustainability strategy and sharpened it through content contributions. The complex content was broken down to C-level in an understandable way, communicated effectively and prepared visually.