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Obstacles to Remote Collaboration in the technical sector

The technology is not fully developed – our processes are too complex – our employees are not on board – we don’t see the benefits – our suppliers are not on board – the Internet connection is not stable.

The list of reasons why remote collaboration often cannot be introduced successfully is long. Particularly in the value-adding industry and in the technical sector, many companies are still skeptical and have major problems with the introduction.

However, remote collaboration is not only a suitable solution in the Corona-19 pandemic, but can be areal success factor for the futureto meet the increasing demand for experts.

The key to success lies in preparation. With good preparation, even complex and demanding tasks such as the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of machines and production systems can be mastered remotely.

From our project experience,4 key success factorscan be identified for remote collaboration:

  • FOCUS ON THE REAL PROBLEM. In other words, individual challenges and problems need to be solved rather than introducing the new technology as an end in itself.
  • RETHINKING PROCESSES. Existing processes may have to be be adjusted. In short, remote collaboration opens up new potential, but also harbors additional risks (esp. in occupational safety).
  • THINK OF THE USER. Change takes time and requires practical training and individual support for the respective user.
  • IT’S MORE THAN JUST TECHNOLOGY.A holistic approach is required to successfully introduce and master remote collaboration.

Butwhere do you start?Our holistic CROME approach helps you bring light into the darkness, from concept to implementation. We support you in identifying potential stumbling blocks at an early stage in order to successfully introduce remote collaboration in your company.

Have you had problems with the introduction of remote collaboration? Do you have questions about possible use cases in your company? Feel free to contact our experts.

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