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Kemény Boehme Consultants once again recognized as “Best of Consulting” by “WirtschaftsWoche”

Kemény Boehme Consultants (KBC) have successfully won two awards in the “Best of Consulting” award from “WirtschaftsWoche” magazine. The winners were celebrated yesterday evening in Düsseldorf. KBC partner John Dowling accepted the awards. Only real projects were admitted to the competition.

In the Manufacturing & Operations category, KBC’s customer was faced with the dilemma of reactivating a project for a new production facility in Asia that had been shut down due to Covid, completing the plant under adverse conditions and putting it into operation. A holistic and innovative “remote collaboration” concept, including the use of augmented reality and a remote impact center, ensured that the greenfield project was successfully completed and production could begin. “Our joint success with the customer ensured that they were able to gain a lead in the Asian market despite difficult conditions,” says KBC partner John Dowling. “The award of this achievement from an independent source is a great confirmation of the way we approach things and strive for success together with the customer.”

In the Purchasing & Supply Chain Management category, KBC’s customer was faced with the challenge that bottlenecks in the supply of its production jeopardized the success of the financial year. KBC then implemented a data model that can link sales, purchasing, production and logistics data as well as their relationships with each other in order to define an optimal production program taking into account missing parts per production shift. As a result, the previous year’s sales were increased by 84 percent, while at the same time the material inventory was reduced by 12 percent and the planning horizon was extended from 4 to 12 weeks. “A management consultancy really needs to analyze exactly what the customer’s problem is,” says Felix Feuerbach, Managing Director of KBC. “The solution must always be tailor-made in order to be able to fully develop its effect.”

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