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KBC joins with BOLD Group GmbH

Over the past 13 years KBC has grown steadily, thanks to our superb employees and the trust placed in us by our satisfied customers. Our profile is clearer than ever. As a service provider we have evolved in exactly the direction of our customers’ needs. Things couldn’t be better.

But they could! We are convinced that a successful company must always scrutinize itself, learn new things, and think laterally. More than ever before, today’s market requires flexibility, fresh ideas and courage. No innovation means no viability for the future.

That applies to KBC itself just as much as it applies to our existing and future customers. For this reason we are delighted to have found “common cause”, with immediate effect, with the renowned innovation consulting firm Bold Group. KBC holds close to half of the shares in the joint venture which was created in the course of an asset deal and which will continue to trade under the “Bold” name, supplemented with “KBC Center for Innovation”.  

For 15 years, the internationally positioned team around founder Ralph Rettler has stood for breaking through conventional ways of thinking and working, for innovation as a tool for progress, efficiency and future-proofing. Bold’s customers include BASF, BMW, Shell, Siemens and Airbus.

KBC and Bold already moved into new premises at Streitfeldstrasse 17-19 in Munich’s newly created Art Quarter in September. We are really looking forward to now being able to combine our strengths: technical expertise and strength in implementation together with expertise in methods and innovative abilities.

A combination that all our customers will benefit from!

Felix Feuerbach
Senior Partner

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