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KBC Academy for Project Management Training

“Once again we are lagging behind in the project and are not achieving our goals” – these or similar problems are not uncommon in optimisation projects. A multitude of causes could be avoided at an early stage – if the challenges and reasons for the failure of optimisa- tion projects are known to a sufficient degree.

Typical examples include:

  • Overly high content requirements
  • Lack of support from top management
  • Insufficient stakeholder management
  • Inadequate project management methods
  • No project management experience among the leaders

The project management of optimisation projects requires a strong partner at your side to steer the existing as well as future projects on the road to success.

The KBC Academy for Project Management Training serves as a supportive, extended arm and acts as a right hand when it comes to transferring knowledge from years of project management experience to all hierarchical company
levels and empowering employees:

  • The objectives are defined, and individual training courses are scheduled together.
  • Depending on the objective, the Academy imparts proven consulting methods and an understanding of successful project management (traditional, agile or hybrid).
  • Through the transfer of practical experience and deep insights into the real project situations, we make handling of challenges more tangible.
  • Tried and tested tools and tips are developed for successful project management.
  • If required, the Academy also provides support in real optimisation projects from start to finish.

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