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How the quality situation in companies can be assessed and optimised

Quality problems represent an increasing risk for German companies. Almost half of the companies surveyed in a KBC study* report that their quality-related costs have increased in recent years. Although there are a large number of possible measures to increase reliability, many ideas for measures are not known within the company itself. Even the definition of a suitable portfolio of measures often takes too long and usually does not exploit the full potential.

Identification of need for action with the help of a quality scan

As a reaction to the increasing quality-related costs in companies, KBC has developed a “Quality Scan (Q-Scan)”, which can be used to evaluate the quality performance of companies and, in a further step, sustainably improve it. KBC’s tried and tested methodology enables rapid identification of the need for action and efficient selection of a set of measures to increase quality and reliability and consequently reduce quality-related costs.

Quality scan procedure

Based on expert interviews with around 200 questions individually tailored to the customer, aspects relevant to quality and reliability are discussed in dialogue with the customer. As quality is created in the value-adding processes, KBC conducts the expert interviews across departments. The interview participants are carefully selected together with the customer at the start of the project in order to minimise internal capacity requirements and to make the analysis as efficient as possible.

Competitive comparison and industry benchmark

The data obtained from the expert interviews are analysed and then evaluated. The findings from the interviews are then enriched by incorporating further relevant data, such as audit results or quality indicators from the companies. Benchmarking within mobility industries enables a further objective assessment of the efficiency of the customer’s quality management. KBC then selects the control levers with the highest potentials from the 80 to 100 action requirements usually identified. After a period of three to six weeks, the customer finally knows how he stands in comparison to the competition and which set of measures has to be implemented in order to sustainably optimise the quality and reliability in his company.

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*Source: “Saving together – cost-oriented cooperation between finance and quality management”

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