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Global Remanufacturing Benchmark

The second edition of the “Global Remanufacturing Benchmark” provides insights into markets, products and processes of remanufacturing. Together with Rematec, the world’s largest network for remanufacturing, experts in the field of remanufacturing were interviewed at the trade fairs in Amsterdam and Guangzhou, China, to gain insights into the European and Asian markets.

Key results of the study:

  • Among the greatest challenges identified by the respondents were new technologies, pricing and core management.
  • Central and Eastern Europe remain the main markets for remanufacturing for our survey participants.
  • Passenger cars and trucks are still the main focus of the industry. However, remanufacturing is also continuing to gain importance elsewhere, such as in the shipping, energy and rail sector.

Driven by the climate protection effort and pushed by politics, electric mobility will have a major impact on the reman industry as we know it today. The industry will be asked to provide reman solutions for electric drives, batteries and ECUs.

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Stefan Kemény
Senior Partner

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