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Tailored project management for optimisation projects in technology companies

A project here, there, everywhere – numerous companies optimise their processes and products in continuous loops. This is due to complex customer requests and differentiated market requirements. Companies often do not know how to adapt to the changed framework conditions and volatile times. They set up another new optimisation project without further planning or structured procedures.

Basically, it is important for companies to continuously adapt to change. This can be supported by a tailored and pragmatic project management approach.

What do we mean by that?

With this approach, optimisation projects are quickly initiated and can be managed in structured and efficient manner. At the same time, there is permanent transparency about individual budget funds and the concrete project content. This enables rapid identification and analysis of the key challenges and needs for action. This also facilitates first essential findings, for example about repeating needs for action from previous projects, which did not lead to a solution at the time.

The next step is to quantify the costs and benefits, with the derivation of business cases based on this information then being the logical consequence.

Depending on the requirements and the character of the optimisation projects, it is recommended to use elements of traditional and agile project management or to combine them during initiation and implementation.

The advantage?

Scenarios become predictable, intuition is turned into fact-based decision-making foundations. As a project manager, you will be able to convince committees, secure financing and put your optimisation projects on the road to success pragmatically and with backing from the very beginning.

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