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Successful acquisition in the supplier industry through quality and reliability 2012

Initial situation

Reliability management in the supplier industry (automobiles, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery) faces many challenges in today’s economic situation. An increasing demand for the safety and reliability of end products is the consequence of equally increasing customer requirements. Complex concepts, great product variety as well as shortened development and production times are the essential influencing factors of product quality in the supplier industry. Companies must therefore calculate risks such as guarantee and warranty costs.  In times of increasing competition in the supply industry, Sales departments in particular are required to find the right levers for successful acquisitions with OEMs. Quality and reliability play a key role in customer perception.


The objective of the study is to identify differences and best-practice approaches that are relevant to quality work in the value creation process of the companies surveyed. The aim is to identify the main differences between supplier companies and cross-sector optimisation potential for improved positioning and increased acquisition success with OEMs.

The focus here is on the extent to which sales activity (B2B) can be supported by professional quality work. In addition, specific OEM differences in relation to the suppliers can be also determined.

Maximilian Klee
Senior Partner

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