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Reduce quality-related costs

New technologies, new markets, new generations of employees. The corporate world is characterised by high volatility. Reducing costs while maintaining the same level of quality is and remains one of the big challenges.

The Corona pandemic hit many companies hard. There have been positive developments in terms of incidence and vaccination numbers, yet the business community is still struggling greatly with the impact of the pandemic. The way companies reacted and are still reacting to the crisis varies widely. A flash survey conducted by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in November 2020 shows that, in addition to a shift in investments and the strengthening of digitalisation topics in companies, generating potential savings is also a crucial issue.

In our article in the project magazine, we would like to focus on these savings potentials. We show which optimisation potentials exist for companies in the area of quality management and quality-related costs. Our article is structured as follows: First, we go into the concept of quality-related costs and explain what is behind them.Then we look at the challenges and opportunities that can arise from reducing quality-related costs.We then describe the three steps to successfully reduce quality-related costs:

Step 1: Identify and analyse quality-related costs,
Step 2: Determination of need for action and identification of causes, and
Step 3: Derivation, evaluation and prioritisation of (quality) measures.

Finally, we provide a checklist for controlling quality-related costs.Click here for the article.

Georg Huber
Senior Partner

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