Strategic remanufacturing analysis

Sustainability, cost optimisation, increased efficiency – due to these drivers, remanufacturing has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Traditional vehicle components, such as EGR valves or turbochargers, are already part of the product portfolios of established manufacturers. However, the industry is currently undergoing a disruptive upheaval as part of the structural change towards e-mobility – electric motors, battery storage, E/E control units will be the main vehicle components in the future.


New technologies and vehicle components also require new processes and procedures for the remanufacturing industry. As development is progressing very rapidly, it is essential for manufacturers to prepare for this change at an early stage and to position themselves in strategically sustainable manner, as well as to integrate the new technologies and vehicle components into their product range.

The specific task

The implementation of a market and portfolio analysis, including the evaluation of technical feasibility and customer demand.

KBC Solution approach

Due to its many years of experience and versatile projects, KBC is the first point of contact in the remanufacturing field. Especially when defining the strategic alignment and designing the product portfolio, we can revert to a very broad spectrum of technical knowledge and market know-how. In order to specifically promote this potential, we also use artificial intelligence for market research.
Applying a web-based AI analysis, thousands of relevant data records on the competitors and their products were generated within a few days, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of our customer’s market position. This database included relevant parts numbers, current prices and worldwide manufacturers. Together with our customers, we were able to define a sustainable product portfolio and identify current trends and developments.

Realisation of potential

We think outside the box. Through the integration of new technologies (such as machine learning and artificial intelligence) in combination with our proven analysis methods, we are able to define a tailored and optimised product portfolio for our customers. This also facilitates the identification of the latest trends and developments. With us at your side, you are well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.