Reducing the cost of quality

A product’s quality is demonstrated in numerous ways throughout its life cycle. Defects often have a myriad of possible root causes deep inside development, manufacturing and organisational processes. As a consequence, a full range of quality improvement measures are required to identify and resolve these root causes.

For specific quality issues it is necessary to find a fast and efficient resolution to minimize quality costs.

Setting up and implementing a comprehensive quality improvement programme across the entire organisation, including its multiple supply chain tiers, will lead to sustainable long-term quality performance improvements and cost reductions.



Total Cost of Quality Reduction

Thanks to our expertise gained from numerous quality projects, we have developed a system with which we can record the sum of all quality-related costs throughout the entire product life cycle in order to identify the right levers.
We apply our system to create transparency regarding the sum of all your quality-related costs. In this regard, our objective is not only to reduce your non-conformity costs (error costs incurred by the customer, e.g. warranty costs), but also to sustainably reduce your conformity costs (all costs for preventive quality measures, e.g. design changes in the advanced stage of development projects).
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