Supply chain reliability

Being able to react effectively to imminent or actual disruption is an essential but effort-intensive lever to ensure supply chains can operate efficiently. Supply chains are increasingly challenged as a result of both more complex supply structures and geographies and more demanding production performance and delivery needs. The effort required for an all-encompassing preventive approach is neither financially sensible nor practically implementable. Firefighting and crisis management capability will remain essential to secure supply and mitigate the consequences of disruption. Sources of and possible solutions for the problems are closely intertwined: Production systems in a supply chain missing required output levels, logistics networks not transporting enough parts, manufactured items not achieving the required quality or even one part of the network running into financial trouble.



Supplier task forces

Short-term, massive supply problems or crises usually originate in the production, quality and logistics departments or in the financial instability of your suppliers.
They may also be due to changes in the market, such as legal requirements. To ensure supply in your company in one or more of these cases, we work closely with the relevant departments of your company and the suppliers (up to the N-tier level). In this regard, we distinguish ourselves through flexibility, analytical procedures and speed as well as technical understanding and pragmatism, i.e. we are not only convincing at the top management level, but also at the shop floor level in the production halls.
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