After Sales organisations and their suppliers today are facing critical challenges: Guaranteeing spare parts availability, retaining customers beyond the first 3 to 4 years, reducing emissions for spare part manufacturing. Remanufacturing offers a particularly smart solution to address these challenges and optimise a product´s total lifecycle.

The solution includes reusing substantial components of the original parts with innovative and robust reprocessing methods to create new products from old. Benefits include creating manufacturing costs savings to make prices attractive and competitive for end customers. Remanufacturing can be very attractive. However, to reap its long-term benefits Remanufacturing needs to be embedded into the company’s strategy and implemented in the operational process.

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Remanufacturing Whitepaper

What do aircraft parts, engines, X-ray systems, desks and golf balls have in common?
Even at the end of their lifecycle, they all still have a great deal of substance, something which makes their further use ecologically and economically interesting. Remanufacturing is the keyword.
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Publications / Studies -

Remanufacturing Benchmark 2017

In a major exclusive study KBC and ReMaTec, the world largest Remanufacturing Network have uncovered what companies think about their work in the remanufacturing industry, from core handling to issues of quality.
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Conception, detailing and implementation of remanufacturing

From an economic and ecological perspective, we weigh up whether the remanufacture of certain spare parts makes sense for your company and serves to create a new, attractive product range.
If this is the case, we determine the appropriate product ranges and set prices in line with the market. If necessary, we also develop incentives for a return of old parts, e.g. deposits and chargebacks. We accompany and support you in the implementation of all processes - from the initial idea to the construction of your own remanufacturing plant.
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