Accelerated Industrialisation

Accelerated Industrialisation is high on the agenda for today’s manufacturers, because less time is available to prepare for full-scale production of new products or versions. This is caused by unforeseen shifts in market demand, increased dependency on critical suppliers for key technologies, political uncertainty and new legislative requirements. This challenges require manufacturers to innovate.

A company’s purchasing department is often paralysed by two opposing forces; ramp-up production constraints and late concept development changes.

An affected supply chain has to be enhanced to include production technology and production capacity while also reducing time restrictions.




Preventive supply chain management

In order to proactively avoid unnecessary obstacles during the start-up phase, we already identify the risk factors approximately one year before SOP (start of production).
These risk factors can be supplier-dependent, market-related (e.g. the market demands more products than planned), development-related (e.g. short-term product changes) or plant-related (e.g. a new, untested plant). Using a risk matrix, we assess the probability of occurrence of individual risks and their interdependencies as well as the resulting costs in order to develop and implement preventive measures, therefore ensuring robust production ramp-ups.
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