We deliver optimal results

Our mission is to strengthen and secure the entire supply chain throughout a product’s entire life cycle, while always managing the balance between quality, flexibility, innovation and cost.

Supplier task forces

Short-term, massive supply problems or crises usually originate in the production, quality and logistics departments or in the financial instability of your suppliers.
They may also be due to changes in the market, such as legal requirements. To ensure supply in your company in one or more of these cases, we work closely with the relevant departments of your company and the suppliers (up to the N-tier level). In this regard, we distinguish ourselves through flexibility, analytical procedures and speed as well as technical understanding and pragmatism, i.e. we are not only convincing at the top management level, but also at the shop floor level in the production halls.
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Supplier audits & assessments

We have a proven method, the technical know-how and the necessary experience to optimally audit your suppliers.
Beforehand, we analyse both logistical (e.g. adherence to delivery dates, number of special trips, etc.) and quality indicators (e.g. reworking). On site in Production, we immediately get to the bottom of the causes, deriving and following up any short-term and long-term measures. On average, we have already been able to reduce rework by 24 percent and improve delivery quality by 22 percent with this approach in around one hundred visits to supplier sites.
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Preventive supply chain management

In order to proactively avoid unnecessary obstacles during the start-up phase, we already identify the risk factors approximately one year before SOP (start of production).
These risk factors can be supplier-dependent, market-related (e.g. the market demands more products than planned), development-related (e.g. short-term product changes) or plant-related (e.g. a new, untested plant). Using a risk matrix, we assess the probability of occurrence of individual risks and their interdependencies as well as the resulting costs in order to develop and implement preventive measures, therefore ensuring robust production ramp-ups.
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Supplier performance controlling (Supplier Performance Cockpit)

To prevent interruptions in the supply chain, we have developed a cockpit with established key figures.
This enables us to measure the performance of all your suppliers throughout the entire product development cycle, i.e. from the confirmation of concept maturity, through the start-up phase all the way to series production. Thanks to our many years of project experience, we know the relevant key figures and control measures. We can therefore create complete transparency regarding the performance of your suppliers and improve your supply security and delivery quality, both sustainably and preventively.
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Plant availability and uptime optimisation

We actively support suppliers or OEMs in maximising plant availability in the long term and at the best possible cost.
In the ideal case, your production machines run continuously, both day and night, without interruption. To this end, we have developed methods and technical expertise to ensure the sustainable maintenance of your facilities as well as the lowest possible or perfect warehousing capacity.
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End-to-end supplier support (from RfP to awarding)

We support you as a supplier from the strategic alignment of your product portfolio and core competencies to the approach of OEMs, the preparation of enquiries and proposals all the way through to the negotiation process.
With the aim of expanding or maintaining your customer portfolio, we will show you how you can distinguish yourself from other competitors by means of a transparent and comprehensible cost breakdown, high quality and flexibility. In equally professional manner, we also take over the management of plant manufacturers and purchased parts and manage enquiries in good time and within budget during the proposal phase, including make-or-buy decisions. All this while never losing sight of future market developments or changes (e.g. combustion engines versus electromobility) for both parts and system suppliers.
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Integrated procurement strategy development

First, we analyse your current procurement situation. In a further step, we realign your target system with regard to costs, quality, flexibility and innovation and, depending on the objective, derive any need for action directly.
This enables us to define both the strategy scope (i.e. which components you need and to what extent in the long term) and the different levels of the procurement strategy (e.g. trading groups, technologies, raw materials and supplier deadlines). We apply our tried and tested tools to derive a holistic procurement strategy, whereby our goal is to establish procurement as a value driver in your company through strategically optimal orientation and transparent target contributions up to the retail group level.
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