We keep you on the road to success

Our secret for your success? We analyse in depth your after-market strategy, organisation and processes, extract the insights that matter and help you to raise customer satisfaction and revenue while keeping cost down. 

Conception, detailing and implementation of remanufacturing

From an economic and ecological perspective, we weigh up whether the remanufacture of certain spare parts makes sense for your company and serves to create a new, attractive product range.
If this is the case, we determine the appropriate product ranges and set prices in line with the market. If necessary, we also develop incentives for a return of old parts, e.g. deposits and chargebacks. We accompany and support you in the implementation of all processes – from the initial idea to the construction of your own remanufacturing plant.
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Spare parts optimisation and management

We have developed a procedure that creates transparency regarding stocks and the best possible procurement conditions for spare parts in order to guarantee you smooth and on-schedule maintenance and repair work.
Our aim is to ensure that the spare parts you need are delivered at the right time, with the required quality and at the lowest possible inventory value.
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Increase of supplier recovery

Are your recovery proceeds for the compensation of faulty parts deliveries and field failures too low? We analyse your entire “process chain of recovery” from the underlying contracts to damage part processes all the way to reporting and accounting.
Together with you, we define a set of actions to increase your suppliers’ compensation payments.
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Diagnosis process analysis and design

We can also actively support you, your mechanics and engineers during repair processes in the workshop with our technical know-how and the necessary passion for vehicles of all kinds.
We are happy to walk you through repair instructions, reduce repair times and, if necessary, develop new tools to optimise repair and diagnostic processes in order to reduce costs.
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Warranty cost assessments

We have developed methods to facilitate the identification and reduction of any conspicuous dealer statements and associated anomalies.
We apply our action set to analyse the current billing behaviour of dealers, identify billing errors and create rules for dealers and head-offices. This creates transparency and reduces costs.
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Service Engineering

We conduct market analyses to increase the attractiveness of your products and therefore to promote medium and long-term customer loyalty.
We closely examine your expectations regarding additional services from potential and existing customers and create a forecast of possible and future changes in market requirements. Here, we support you from the initial idea to conceptualisation to implementation, i.e. the sale of your new services.
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After sales strategy development and adaptation

The ongoing development and transformation of industries as well as the influence of new trends are posing new challenges for companies in After Sales.
This is why we develop and organise new strategies and processes for you on the basis of market analyses, so that you can continue to respond to the changing needs of and requests from your end customers in the future.
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